Due to a deep and generalized Economic crisis, several investors (specifically European) are looking for foreign markets where to invest and make their investments profitable.
In the current complex business world, we have the ambition to offer – thanks to our worldwide connections and pluriannual experience in International Trade / Commerce – tailored solutions to investors in ten different areas which will coincide with each portfolio to be created.
The Company shall provide sophisticated services related to each portfolio through referrals and partners operating in different industries and foreign jurisdictions.
In addition, the Company shall provide the Clients with services related to creation and – upon request – administration of trusts according to the jurisdiction which will regulate such trust.
In this regard, the SPC services shall include consultancy services and administration services of trust formed for assets protection.
The Company’s services focus on projects where are we meet the needs of international clients, supporting them in carrying out transactions with speed, efficiency and security.
We believe that our wide professional experience in Real Estate industry and in business in International Commerce will be a successful combination to reach the objectives of “The Compass SPC limited”.
Our main goal is to improve the investors’ businesses by protecting their assets and, at the same, time assisting them secure their international investment structuring.

The Activities which the Company is authorized to perform with or without portfolio(s) are the following:
1) Real estate activities on a fee or contract basis
2) Non-specialized wholesale trade
3) Trusts, funds, and similar financial entities

The Objectives of the Company are the following:
• Creation of some segregated portfolios.
• Segregation of assets and liabilities held on behalf of segregated portfolios.
• Attracting and retaining investors
• Maintaining good transaction flow in the long run.
• Secure international investment structuring.
• Assets protection of high-end costumers



A) Real Estate

• Research of business opportunities in buying, selling, and renting properties worldwide on a fee or contract basis
• Appraisal services for real estate
• Real estate escrow agents

B) Non-specialized wholesale trade
• Assistance in wholesale of a variety of goods.
• Sale & purchase of goods, generally to retailers, professional (industrial or commercial) users or authorities, or to other wholesalers or intermediaries, regardless of the quantities sold.

C) Trusts, funds, and similar financial entities
• The Company shall advice its clients in finding the best trust instrument according to each client’s requirement and need.
• Our associated law firm will draft the trust agreement requested by the client pursuant to the law which will regulate the trust.
• Upon the client’s request, the Company shall offer services as trustee.
• Similar services shall be offered in relation to the selection of funds and other financial services.
• The company shall play a role of business advisor and trustee, upon request.


Disclaimer: according to sec. 40 of the RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2018, “The Compass SPC Limited” shall not provide financial services by way of business anywhere in the world.
Therefore, the Company shall not:
1) Accept deposits and issue or administer electronic money.
2) Effect and carry out contracts of insurance or reinsurance as principal broker or agent.
3) Provide any assistance in the administration and performance of contracts of insurance.
4) Buy, sell, subscribe for or underwrite securities or contractually based investments as principal (other than securities issued by the Company).
5) Deal in investment as agent, managing investments for other persons, provide, arrange, or advise on home finance, mortgage contracts or consumer credit.



Ten portfolios shall be created in the following areas of business:
1) Industrial Machinery & Industrial Trading SP (issued)
2) Buy & Sell Companies SP (issued)
3) Sell Purchase Healthcare & Medical Devices SP (issued) 
4) Buy & Sell Properties SP (issued)

5) Commodities Sales & Purchase (issued)


Total of six portfolios still can  be created based specification of business and prospected profits of clients